Imagine a wedding designed to heighten your five senses. This is Colin Cowie’s famed method. He takes vision, sound, touch, taste, and smell through a unique experience. A Tuscan wedding under the sun, an enchanted themed wedding in the Midwest, and a romantic style wedding in an urban city are just a few of the events he has created. Cowie views weddings like a story. They have a start and finish with equally important pieces in between. The final chapter usually ends with a wow factor leaving guests wanting more. Colin Cowie is a celebrity wedding planner that has brought his international background to business, and now travels the world creating luxurious events for star clients. The event specialist is a regular contributor to NBC’s The Today Show and often featured on HSN; and has also released a collection of entertaining and lifestyle books.

Clients of Cowie’s have included big names such as Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Alyssa Milano and Kim Kardashian, all of whom no doubt like his “JDM” approach to weddings – that is, a belief that all big days should incorporate at least one jaw dropping moment. 



Vincenzo Dascanio is an original and eclectic designer of events and settings, where the knowledge he preserves belongs to the field of the ancient and forgotten Ars topiaria. Originating from Apulia Italy, just three years after he settled in Milan he succeeded and became director of ArmaniFiori, imposing his style, always elegant and extremely sophisticated. Colors, shapes and geometries from Nature are molded by his natural creativity, giving birth to ’places’ of magic beauty and unprecedented sensuality. Each setting is a captivating experience, where all the senses are harmoniously involved: fragrances, colors, shapes, lights and sounds… are the elements of an original alphabet, of which Dascanio knows the secrets and is an undisputed and acknowledged exponent.









Editor in Chief Conde Nast, Brides Magazine 

Award-winning editor, journalist and novelist who has worked across the national press, women's glossies, weeklies and digital channels for more then twenty years.


















Jordine Bartlett is the Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture representative at the Financial Times, where she is responsible for uncovering the world's most prestigious lifestyle brands and promoting such businesses, to readers of the weekend FT and multi-award-winning publication, How To Spend It.

Her inside knowledge of today's discernible consumers, coupled with her experience of working alongside high-end brands in the Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, and Europe, makes Jordine's understanding of the luxury landscape second to none and it is this aptitude, which led her to launch the digital destination "Wedding Status".

After extensively researching existing wedding publications, it became evident to Jordine that there was a lack of online and offline content specifically attracting the high net worth global audience and Wedding Status was designed to fill this void. The multichannel platform curates the world's leading suppliers and presents their unique offering to affluent audiences, through the use of video content.

Jordine understands that today's educated, affluent and influential consume their information and inspiration differently. They wish for facts to be delivered quickly and concisely and Wedding Status provides them with just that. The video content engages visitors and offers authentic accounts from the premium brands themselves; thus placing wedding couples in a position of power. A position, which enables them to make an informed decision, quickly and easily.

This careful curation of suppliers has already proven an invaluable source of information for discerning couples, so much so that, Jordine and the How To Spend It team, are now set to publish a "Luxury Wedding" print edition, in early 2018.



Elizabeth Solaru is the founder of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium. Recognised as one of the best wedding cake companies in the world, the company creates beautifully handcrafted cakes that are adorned with the most realistic edible jewellery, sugar flowers, lace, pearls and gems. Their creations have been featured in numerous national and international blogs and publications including Wedluxe, Strictly Weddings, The Telegraph, Wedding Flowers, Conde Nast BRIDES, Wedding Magazine, OK!, Hello, Wedding Cakes – A Design Source, Cake Design Cuccina Chic, Magie de Zuckers and Grace Ormonde.

Clients include British, European and Middle Eastern Royalty, celebrities and high net worth individuals.

Elizabeth has appeared on the BBC Good Food Channel, BBC Radio and Sky Living as a cake expert. She is also a regular on Sky TV being the only three times winner of The Great Cake Bake, a show which featured the best wedding cake makers in the country. 

Winner of Wedding Blog's Best Cake Designer award, she is a  star speaker, competition judge and host on The Cake and Bake Show and an international cake judge, including the   Championnat de France de Cake Design, the French cake championships.  Elizabeth   is in demand as a sugarcraft expert and has appeared on Sky Living's  "Who'd Be a Billionaire" and her cakes have appeared in the remake of the film,  "My Best Friend's Wedding" by Sony Columbia Pictures. She was recently named as one of the world's "Masterful 100", a select list of the most excellent and masterful luxury experts in their field.






The magazine it is designed to be an in-depth resource for brides-to-be, with many photographs and articles on wedding dresses, cakes, ceremonies, receptions and honeymoons. Interviews, lifestyle, wedding trends and real weddings.













Creator Concept and Art Director 

Vision | To be the reference of excellence in development of concepts, ideas and artistic creations, becoming leader in spreading emotions.

Mission | I am visionary, creative, ambitious and determined.
I create with inexhaustible passion. I love aesthetics and beauty and to fuse them with core values.
Through my creations i want make arise intense and emotional feelings in the soul of people. I want that watching my shows, they live unforgettable moments and have special experiences.

Values | The passion for different artistic expressions.
I’m constantly looking for perfection on details, the research that combines concept and form. All that I realize must be unique, exclusive, high-impact and until now I’ve only found a way to do it: to dare.





Filmatography, as lead by its Founder and CEO Peter Rear, is known for its unparalleled creative and innovative approach to filming and photography.Peter and his talented team of artists, designers and technicians create inspirational imagery for some of the most prestigious events and luxury brands across Europe, the Middle East and the World.Peter was found among several industry leaders on the judging panel for the Photographer of the Year Awards 2009, and in 2010 gave a keynote speech at ProVideo (Ricoh Arena) on DSLR filmmaking and the convergence of the photography and film industry, which as we see to this day is a current trend.In 2013, 2014 and again in 2015 Filmatography won the award for “Best Cinematography of the Year” and “Most Popular Cinematography” for Dubai by the international panel of Wedding Industry Experts. In 2015 Filmatography was nominated for 3 awards in Dubai’s prestigious Digital Studio Awards including “Studio of the Year”, “Best Editing Award” and “Excellence in Post-Production”. Peter Rear had worked with several high profile figures including Elton John, Lenny Kravitz and Sir Ben Kingsley, in addition to fulfilling the request to be the personal photographer for Jennifer Lopez for the weekend at the Meydan World Cup in 2014.